Blood Angels (2005)

Blood Angels (2005)
Director: Ron Oliver.
Writers : Lisa Morton, Brett Thompson.
Stars: Lorenzo Lamas, Leah Cairns, Siri Baruc, Fiona Scott, Sonya Salomaa, Moneca Delain, Lisa Marie Caruk, Shawn Roberts, Kevan Ohtsji, Richard Ian Cox, Nigel Vonas, Willy Taylor, Crystal Lowe, Curtis Caravaggio, Shaw Madson.

The story focuses on a group of 6 beautiful women called Thralls, referred to as "the white trash of vampires;" effectively a lower species of vampire. They don't kill people, they don't have the ability to turn their victims into vampires and they can't fly. These Thralls are under the control of Mr. Jones, the vampire who sired them, and whom they are trying desperately to escape. To do this they must complete a blood ritual which will turn them into full-blown vampires. Their plans hit a snag when Ashley, the younger sister of one of the Thralls, comes to visit. Ashley has no idea what her sister has been up to since moving to the big city nor what she has become... written by songmaster2005 (

Tony Roberts - I'm Different (2013)

Tony Roberts - I'm Different (2013)
Director: Deon Taylor.
Writer : Tony T. Roberts.

Star: Tony T. Roberts

From touring with Kevin Hart, winning BET awards, and starring on television, Tony Roberts has done it all in comedy. In his brand-new concert film, I'm Different, you'll hear his hilarious takes on Eddie Murphy, parenting, sex and everything in between. You may think you've seen it all - but Tony Roberts is different.

Think Tank (2006)

Think Tank (2006)
Director: Brian Petersen.
Writer : Brian Petersen.

Stars: Eric Artell, James Avery, Maura Claire Barclay, Dean Bates, Barbara Beneville, Wendy Calio, Joe Costello, Steve Fogel, Gordon Goodman, Allan Groves, Stan Harris, Carter Jenkins, David Kaye, Lauren Kaye, Andrew Wei Lin.

Bumbling, twenty-something slackers use their self-proclaimed "genius" to save a small town from the evil clutches of Lord Billiards, a land-grabbing pool celebrity.

My Boyfriend's Back (1989)

My Boyfriend's Back
Director: Paul Schneider.
Writers : April Campbell Jones, Bruce Jones and Lindsay Harrison.

Stars: Sandy Duncan, Jill Eikenberry, Judith Light, John Sanderford, Stephen Macht, Alan Feinstein, Robert Costanzo, David Bowe, Lois Foraker, Gary Lewis, Gary Puckett, Carol Gustafson, Stewart Nesbit, John Patrick Wagner, Kenneth Lloyd.

A female singing group from the '60s reunites for a TV special.