Beyond Sherwood Forest (2009)

Beyond Sherwood Forest (2009)
Director: Peter DeLuise.
Writer : Chase Parker.

Stars: Robin Dunne, Erica Durance, Julian Sands, Katharine Isabelle, Mark Gibbon, Cainan Wiebe, Richard de Klerk, Bill Dow, Brent Stait, Paul Lazenby, David Palffy, Terence Kelly, Rowen Kahn, Anna Louise Sargeant, John Novak.

England 1174: King Richard is away fighting the Crusade, his brother Prince John has been left in charge. In order to further international diplomatic relations with Austria, the beautiful young Maid Marian is to be married off to a prince. A cursed girl who can change into a ferocious dragon is used to find and pacify Robin Hood, written by Michael Teuschler (

Goth (2003)

Goth (2003)
Director: Brad Sykes.
Writer : Brad Sykes.

Stars: Phoebe Dollar, Laura Reilly, Dave Stann, Larry Sprock, Todd Livingston, Jed Rowen, Ashley White, Matt Nespoli, Krista Stilley, Joe Di Angelo, Monika Wild, Snakelady Rose, Joe Myles, Gary Levinson, Zenova Braeden.

GOTH blurs the boundaries between reality-driven horror and the hallucinatory style of REQUIEM FOR A DREAM in this raw and blood-soaked ride through the dark underbelly of the Gothic subculture. Chrissy and her boyfriend BOONE are two Gothic teenagers living in L.A. who have seen and done it all. As the sun goes down, they get ready for a hardcore concert at the local club. The night takes a gruesome turn when they run into a savage, darkly beautiful woman with a taste for pain and sexual deviance. She represents the darkest, most depraved end of this subculture; for her, it's not just superficial costumes and makeup but a way of life that thrives on murder and madness. Promising new thrills and experiences, she takes Chrissy and Boone on a wild, terrifying ride that progresses from drug-fueled orgies to random acts of violence, leaving a trail of mutilated victims in their wake, written by anonymous (

Bad Reputation (2005)

Bad Reputation (2005)
Director: Jim Hemphill.
Writer : Jim Hemphill.

Stars: Angelique Hennessy, Jerad Anderson, Danielle Noble, Kristina Conzen, Dakota Ferreiro, Mark Kunzman, Chris Basler, T.W. Porrill, Elizabeth Kirven, Sean A. Mulvihill, Mimi Marie, Jennifer Holloway, Jessica Stamen, Jeff Kueppers, John Knapp.

A high school girl wrongly branded as the school slut embraces her 'bad reputation' and takes revenge on the kids who have made her life a living hell.

The Perfect You (2002)

The Perfect You (2002
Director: Matthew Miller
Writer : Matthew Miller

Stars: Jenny McCarthy, Chris Eigeman, Paul Dooley, Josh Stamberg, Drea de Matteo, Matt Price, Brad Beyer, Dennis Boutsikaris, Tina Benko, Michael Hobbs, Jordan Ladd, Sofia Sokolov, Dan Jenkins, Joelle Carter, Brian Anthony Wilson.

A waiter/writer living with his dad and a neat freak who's just landed a job as a reporter in New York, meet by colliding on the Brooklyn Bridge, and romance ensues (