For the Love of Nancy (1994)

For the Love of Nancy (1994)
Director: Paul Schneider.
Writers : Carol Evan McKeand and Nigel McKeand.

Stars: Tracey Gold, Jill Clayburgh, Cameron Bancroft, Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Michael MacRae, Garwin Sanford, William Devane, Deanna Milligan, Marie Stillin, Kevin McNulty, Teryl Rothery, Henry O. Watson, Colin Cunningham, Glynis Davies, Terry King.

When Nancy graduates from high school, she is apprehensive about the future. She goes to college and becomes withdrawn. She starts to obsess over her weight, exercising all the time and hardly eating. Her parents ignore the changes in Nancy, until one shocking moment at Christmas when it becomes apparent to everyone that Nancy has a serious problem, she's anorexic. The parents try to get Nancy treatment, but she resists attempts to help her. At last, her father decides to take her to court and win guardianship of Nancy so he can force her into treatment, written by: Anonymous, (

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